What people think of myVegas slots?

Reward program opinion from Margareth,Chicago, USA:

I have to say how deeply disappointed I am with the changes to the rewards program. Why were all the shows taken off. People who play this game enjoy the shows more then the complimentary meals. I have lost all the enthusiasm to play this game anymore and so do most of my friends. We travel to vegas once a year for two weeks at a time and this will definitely have an impact on our trips. The rewards really are not worth it now.
Anyone else feel this way?

Answer: We know a lot of people who feel the same about myVegas game. We have contacted the authors of the game and we need explanations.

Question from Tanja, Moscov, Russia about chips in myVegas:

I purchased some chips and I got my chips but the package was supposed to be on sale for $9.99 but I still paid the regular price of $13.99 and it said bonus spin for chips but I never got my free spin, just a message saying I could purchase a spin?! Was this a glitch?

Answer: You do not have to pay for the free chips. You can always use a myvegas free chips collector and generate as many chips as you want. Stop paying for them.

Question from Bob, Barcelona, Spain:

Still doing a great job to start the new year! Tell Playstudio they are fantastic none of us have any problems at all. Loads fast, games play great like this:
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Question about mobile version of myVegas App from Renne, Paris, France:

What’s up with the changes to the mobile app? Everytime I enter a game suddenly it shows someone hit a jackpot. Every single time I leave a game and I enter within 30 seconds it shows a winner for the jackpot it’s like suddenly everybody is winning the week or two weeks ago it was not like that. It’s like it’s just showing jackpot winners and it’s all 3 levels simultaneously. It’s not right, something is different. Also there’s been slight other changes to the game would someone please explain what changes have gone on it’s definitely not the same as it was 2 weeks ago and I’m curious why things have changed.

Answer: If you are having problems with mobile version cheat then you can try to download latest myVegas mobile hacks directly from . Let us know if you will need any support with activation or update of your current version. This codes are tested on iPhone, Android, Apple and other popular mobile phones.